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Coaching Assignments

                   Boys Program

Clay White, Athletic Director, Head Football Coach

Zane Mauney, Football, HS Boys Basketball, Assistant Baseball

Thomas Brockman, Football, Head Baseball

Luis Carrasco,  Football, JH Boys Basketball Basketball, Track

Taylor Cain, Football, Head Boys Track

Garrett Heard, JH/HS Football, JH Boys Basketball, JH Track

Trevor Owens, Football, Offseason, Boys Track

Jacob Alvarado, Football, JH Boys Basketball, Asst. Baseball

Bryan Blackwell, Head Boys Basketball and Head Golf

                    Girls Program

Tyler Helms, Girls Athletic Coordinator, Head Girls Basketball

Dana Fox, Assistant Cross Country, Assistant Girls Basketball, Head Girls Track

Taylor-Ann Harbert, Head Volleyball, Assistant Track

Greg Bowman, Head Cross Country, Girls Basketball, Head Softball

Leslie Stark, JH Volleyball, JH Girls Basketball, JH Girls Track

Taylor Bertrand, Volleyball

Amy Whittle, Volleyball, Head Tennis

Bridgette Wall, JH Volleyball, JH Basketball, JH Track

Walt Mangan - HS Volleyball, Head Softball