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Danna Raven
Raven, Danna
HS Special Education
draven@idalouisd.netView Website
Kathy Reagan
Reagan, Kathy
P.E. Teacher
kreagan@idalouisd.netView Website
Russ Reagan
Reagan, Russ
Health Teacher/Boys Athletics
rreagan@idalouisd.netView Website
Linda Reyes
Reyes, Linda
Middle School Aide
lreyes@idalouisd.netView Website
Fud Robertson
Robertson, Fud
Vocational Agriculture Teacher
frobertson@idalouisd.netView Website
Sally Rodriguez Rodriguez, Sally
Sarah Russell
Russell, Sarah
HS English
srussell@idalouisd.netView Website
Jay Sage Sage, Jay
School Board Member
Kinann Sage
Sage, Kinann
Kindergarten Teacher
ksage@idalouisd.netView Website
Marnie Sanders
Sanders, Marnie
Kindergarten Teacher
msanders@idalouisd.netView Website
Bart Schilling Schilling, Bart
School Board Member
Dustin Schulte
Schulte, Dustin
Math Teacher/Boys Athletics
dschulte@idalouisd.netView Website
Margaret Shipley
Shipley, Margaret
First Grade Teacher
mshipley@idalouisd.netView Website
Dulce Smith
Smith, Dulce
Carla Snodgrass
Snodgrass, Carla
Reading Intervention
csnodgrass@idalouisd.netView Website
Katrina Stanton
Stanton, Katrina
kstanton@idalouisd.netView Website
Leslie Stark
Stark, Leslie
7th grade English/Girls Athletics
lstark@idalouisd.netView Website
Mary Stegemoeller
Stegemoeller, Mary
Second Grade Teacher
mstegemoeller@idalouisd.netView Website
Brandi Stephens
Stephens, Brandi
3rd Grade Teacher
bstephens@idalouisd.netView Website
Sherri Stevens
Stevens, Sherri
MS Special Education
sstevens@idalouisd.netView Website
Donna Stone
Stone, Donna
Sharon Suttle-McGougan
Suttle-McGougan, Sharon
Resource Teacher
ssuttle@idalouisd.netView Website
Johnny Taylor Taylor, Johnny
School Board Member
Shelly Tubbs-Kirkendall
Tubbs-Kirkendall, Shelly
Chief Financial Officer
stubbs@idalouisd.netView Website
Linda Turner Turner, Linda
Central Office Human Resources
lturner@idalouisd.netView Website
Mark Turner
Turner, Mark
History Teacher/Boys Athletics
mturner@idalouisd.netView Website
Tiffany Urrutia
Urrutia, Tiffany
MS Aide
Becky Vento
Vento, Becky
Elementary Aide
bvento@idalouisd.netView Website
Velma Vento Vento, Velma
Roy Villegas Villegas, Roy
Transportation and Grounds
Jim Waller
Waller, Jim
jwaller@idalouisd.netView Website
Amy Whittle
Whittle, Amy
7th Reading/8th ELA
awhittle@idalouisd.netView Website
Shauna Wilbanks
Wilbanks, Shauna
Third Grade Teacher
swilbanks@idalouisd.netView Website
Ann Williams
Williams, Ann
Fourth Grade Teacher
awilliams@idalouisd.netView Website
Christy Wilmeth
Wilmeth, Christy
Second Grade Teacher
cwilmeth@idalouisd.netView Website
Tabatha Wilson
Wilson, Tabatha
HS Aide
Becky Woodell
Woodell, Becky
Science/Dyslexia Reading Teacher
bwoodell@idalouisd.netView Website
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