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Amy Ivins

IHS Art students recently traveled to Dallas to compete in the state art competition called V.A.S.E.  Thirty eight artworks were chosen to advance from the regional event this year.  Seven of those were from Idalou.  Justin Garcia, Kylie Gregory, Juliet Janet, Travis Mack, Logan Ivins, and Aaron DeLeon are the I.H.S students whose artworks were chosen as the best in the region to advance to state.   Travis Mack advanced with two artworks which is the most a student may enter.  Juliet Janet, Travis Mack and Logan Ivins each received a superior rating of a IV at the state event earning them the state gold medallion.  In addition, Logan was also chosen as a gold seal recipient.  This is a prestigious award given to the top 170 artworks in the state each year.  There were over 28,000 artworks competing at the regional level in 2015.  Logan’s metal sculpture of a bull will be displayed at the state capital and other locations in Texas over the next several months.  Logan is the first boy from Idalou to ever receive this honor and only the 5th student from Idalou to ever win it.

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